Here are our two walkies programs we have designed exclusively for BPS Dogs. Choose your dog’s type and let the fun begin for your furry friend!
Friendly Furball
Group Walks
Our fun-filled, closely supervised, semi-private small group walks combine lots of exercise with a terrific opportunity to socialize. Your pup is walked with only one or two other dogs. Your pup is never rushed and with trained eyes, we always know what he or she is sniffing and up too. Pups are paired based on similar size, personality, temperament and speed.
Time slots for our group walks are every weekday at:
8.00-8.30 AM
12.00-12.30 PM
17.00-17.30 PM
We offer a special rate of 10 Pounds per group walk session.
To book your dog in for any of the group walk time slots call us at
 07961 299646 or drop us an email at
Picky Pooch
Individual Walks
For those dogs that prefer some one-on-one time rather than being in a group, we offer individual walks. You can choose your day, time and duration of the walk and we will be there to take care of your pup!
Please use the code IAMBPSDOG at the check-out page to book at our
special 15 Pound per hour walk rate.
Whether your dog is a friendly furball or a picky pooch, we will reinforce any training you are working on, and guarantee your dog a fun time!