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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources & Updates For Our Dog Walkers & Dog Owners

For Dog Owners:

Can I still book dog care on PawsApp?

Yes, of course! When we started PawsApp, we made a vow to our clients that we will be with you during good times and bad, in sickness and in health. 👰🏽 🤵🏽 By taking every precaution possible, we continue to operate. If you wish to book a dog walk, you can do so here.

Can I cancel my bookings because of the coronavirus?

We’ve always put the dogs and dog owners’ needs first, and it hasn’t changed. Your standing with PawsApp will not be changed and you will not be penalized in any way for COVID-related cancellations.

Can you give any advice for the dog owners who work at home?

We know it can be hard to work from home when you have a dog that wants to play with you all the time. You can read our advice here: How To Work From Home When You Are A Dog Owner

For Dog Owners & Caregivers:

What precautions do you take on your services against COVID-19?

We trained our dog walkers to keep themselves, you, and your dog healthy. Keeping interactions short and contactless hand-offs of the dog (if that’s not possible, limiting the interaction and wash of hands) are the most important precautions. We also encourage everyone in the PawsApp team and our dog owners to practice social distancing rules (keeping a minimum of 2 meters between walkers and dog owners) and wash their hands frequently.

If you walk your own dog or work as a dog walker we strongly advise you to read our blog post about how to walk your dog during a pandemic.

What do I need to know about dogs & COVID-19?

Recent researches and news state dogs cannot get the coronavirus. But the disease can be spread from animals to humans, so adopting good hygiene practices is a must. From our Coronavirus Disease In Dogs: Can Dogs Get The Coronavirus article you can get more information about this topic and what can you do to avoid coronavirus.

For Dog walkers/sitters:

As a PawsApp walker that is having a hard time getting income, what resources are available to them?

During coronavirus lockdowns or self-quarantines, walkers lose income. But during these challenging times government offers new unemployment packages to those who lost their jobs because of the outbreak. You can learn more about the financial support offered by the government here.

As a walker or a sitter, can I cancel because of coronavirus?

As always, we put the health of all the parties first. So, if you wish to adjust your cancellations policy during this time, you can do so by reaching out to us. But, we wouldn’t want to hang our dog owners out to dry, that’s why if you have second thoughts about walking during this time we encourage you to let us know as soon as possible.

Cancellation because of the coronavirus will not affect your position with PawsApp in any way. After we get through these challenging times, you can be a part of the PawsApp team whenever you see fit.

Editors note: As PawsApp we take dog walking seriously. We make sure they follow “walking safety rules”. To learn more about the rules please check the following link.

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