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Dachshund: Breed of the Week

Also known as a doxie or sausage dog, Dachshund is among the most popular breeds of London! They are now popular for their clever, energetic, courageous, and loyal nature; but back in the day, they were just the right breed as hunting dogs with their long back and short legs. This week, we come with the answers to the frequently asked questions about Daschunds!

-Are Daschunds suitable for apartment living?

Dachshund dogs just love the apartment life! They do not need a big backyard because of their small size, but make sure they go on regular walks outside! You can get help from our PawsApp walkers for instant or scheduled walks. Although Daschunds love the apartment, they don’t want to be separated from their human parents for long. You can also book daycare or boarding with our PawsApp carers.

-Do Daschunds shed a lot? Which Dachshund sheds the least?

All dachshunds shed regardless of their coat. The long-haired breed sheds the most whereas the short-haired and wire-haired ones definitely shed less.

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-Are Daschund hypoallergenic?

No, dachshunds are not hypoallergenic.

-Are Daschunds good with other dogs?

As long as you take things slow, Dachshunds can learn to live with other dogs, especially with smaller dogs or other dachshunds, rather than bigger doggos. Breeds like Boxers, Dobermans, and various types of Terrier are known to be good companions to Daschunds.

-Do Daschunds get along well with kids?

With their affectionate, loyal, and playful nature, Daschunds are amazing with kids! Just make sure that you are in charge and introduce them slowly to make sure they get to know each other well.

-Are Daschund easy to train?

Dachshund has a stubborn behaviour due to their independent nature, which can make their training a bit challenging. Be prepared for their impatience and barks but as long as you keep them interested in something, they will enjoy the training! You just need to be patient and consistent with the training.

Things You Didn’t Know About the Dachshund:The Dog, Not the Hotdog, Came First

Dachshunds are sometimes called wiener dogs because their long bodies resemble hotdogs. But would you believe that the original name for the hotdog was the Dachshund sausage? The deli product was so-named because it resembled the dog breed. The name was later shortened to hotdog.

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