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Our new service: Free MEET & GREET

We are very happy to present our newly added service on to you. The name of this new service we have added for you: Meet & Greet. So what is this Meet & Greet?

Meet & Greet is a free meeting walk that you can request online to get to know and understand PawsApp better, and as PawsApp, we can get more detailed information about your dog. So how can you request our Meet & Greet service and how does this process progress?

The customer who visits the “Meet and Greet” page, which we have specified on our website, answers the form containing general information about himself and his dog and provides us with information on this subject. Form PawsApp sistemimize düştüğünde, sizlerin talep ettiği gün ve saat içerisinde toplantı yürüyüşünü sağlamak üzere Paws Carer seçilir ve toplantı yürüyüşü yapmanız için bilgilendirilirsiniz.

It’s Time to Meet Walk: Our Paws Carer will meet you at the time you request and provide you with detailed information about PawsApp. A comprehensive introduction is made to you about services, fees, how the system works, and how Paws Carers are selected in the system. Then the questions in your mind are answered. In order to get to know your dog better, you will be asked about your dog’s habits, structure, and the things he may be uncomfortable when he meets on the street. Once this recognition process is complete, the Paws Carer will take your dog for a short walk, according to your preference, with or without you. Afterward, if the customer wishes to request, they can choose the walking style they want from the app or our website and place an order.

Do not forget that our Paws Carer accompanying you on the meeting walk is not the person to take care of your dog. We will pair you with a Paws Carer from our system that is compatible with your dog and close to where you sit.

Don’t miss this Meet & Greet opportunity!

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